Masterpiece Message Intensive

Masterpiece Message Intensive

Attention conscious entrepreneurs, love leaders, holistic coaches, artists, speakers and authors that want to grow their business and make a difference in the world. 

Do you need a real training that takes out all the guesswork and gives you a fool-proof plan of action and system to creating your  

Then you are an ideal candidate for the Masterpiece Message Intensive. 

  • Are you having trouble finding your ideal client ? 
  • Or finding the places to get in front of your ideal audience? 
  • Do you wish there was a system for filling your pipeline with a constant source of leads? 
  • Do you value freedom? 
  • Do you have a vision and want to share it in a BIG way? 
  • Do you thrive in community and through connection? 
  • Are you afraid that you’ll always be stuck in your business constantly struggling to find clients without being able to scale and the message you’re meant to share with the world goes unnoticed? 

 That’s kinda hard when...... 


  • You’re having trouble finding your ideal client and marketing is confusing 
  • Your making money in your business, but not what you would like and you feel stuck!
  •  You are at the give up poin, you know you are on the brink o greatess bu yo can't igur out ow to create more income.
  • You don’t personally KNOW many influencers and especially don’t know how to contact them or what to say. 
  • Your guessing at what message you should be sharing 
  • Your worried that your brillance will get lost in all the online noise social media
  • You're unsure of how to find events, get on stage and get booked to speak 
  • People don’t even UNDERSTAND what you do and you have difficulty explaining it to them in a way that is effective and concise. 
  • You are BURNT-OUT working seven days a week trying to build your business and can’t imagine even taking on one more THING. 
  • You have forgotten what self-care is and you need an NAP! 


You’re an entrepreneur on a mission. You are exceptional. You know you are.

You KNOW you’ve been put on this earth to help people, so that’s a huge part of your business. You also know sharing your message and creating an impact can be really HARD. 

You want to run your business, serve your clients, and know that you are making a difference. 

Hey Love Leader! 

As you know, my genius lies in helping conscious entrepreneurs, healers, creatives, coaches, authors, and Love Leaders like you gain the clarity, direction and focus you need to turn your conscious mission into a powerful message and share it with the world. 

That’s why I’d like to personally invite you to this 8-week intensive so you can grow your business and create global impact in your community or world! 

I know what it’s like… 

A few short years ago, I started with nothing, literally. Although I had been an entrepreneur for 8 years at that time I had “found a job” because I was struggling and thought that was the answer. Then, I was fired from my job and evicted from my apartment within 6 months of each other. I had no cushy savings account or trust fund to save my butt and I found myself homeless and desperate. 

Like you, I had the dream of running a profitable business. I went back to being an entrepreneur and coach and I was still STRUGGLING. I wanted my business to be an authentic expression of me and make me MONEY. 

I wanted to run a business from my laptop, travel the world and have no limit on the amount of money I could make, but more importantly to create a business that changes millions of lives around the world and created community. 

As you likely know, I’ve now made each of those dreams come true and now I am working on creating a legacy that lives beyond my lifetime. I found the golden ticket that has allowed me to go from homeless, struggling and unable to find clients to having a wait list! Know in 2017 I have an international business, travel the world and share my message.

Today I run a wildly successful business from my laptop with a virtual team. I travel the world sharing my mission with thousands of people just like you. I have superstars, mentors and leaders around me to hold me up when things get tough. 

I have the freedom to make the decisions I want to make, and for the first time in my life, I am able to make my dreams of travel and community a reality. 

I wake up every single day and choose my own schedule, act and say what I want, and have the freedom be who I want to be. 

And despite all the conventional advice, I haven’t had to give up any of my passions or be someone different. 

Most importantly, I’m thrilled to run a business that positively affects thousands of lives around the globe and I have done it through speaking, events, conferences and connecting with powerful leaders. 

Please know that the reason I’m sharing not to brag but to let you know two key things. 

1. I have been exactly where you are and I know what you are going through. 

2. I can show you exactly what it takes to make a huge shift. 

Because the bottom line is this: 

I’ve done it. I’ve trained others to do it and I know with every fiber of my soul that if you want this bad enough, you can do it too. 

As an entrepreneur myself, I know how hard it can be to navigate the overwhelming details of getting yourself booked without a clear map of the tools you need and how to use them. 

So I have decided to create something super simple and affordable that will get you seen and making money. 

What Exactly Is The Masterpiece Message Intensive Program?

Before I lay out the program, let me tell you how this came about. 

A few months ago I was traveling to another destination to share at an intimate event and was planning my trip to England for my first international speaking engagements when someone approached me about my travels and speaking. 

Up until then, I had only shared my speaking expertise in high-end group coaching programs that cost well over $10000. I then set out to interview entrepreneurs about their needs and I realized the need for this information to be available to everyone. 

But here’s the thing… 

After interviewing everyone, it became clear that there’s a higher demand for this type of information than I had capacity for at the level. 

More importantly, we found many entrepreneurs who were in the beginning phase who were ready for their next level of growth, but would be better served by a more modest investment. 

So, I sat down with my team and evaluated the most powerful components of my proven programs and looked for a way to deliver spectacular results in a more condensed format. 

I know you’ll create the impact you want, share your vision, and make the income you want when… 

* Have the confidence to talk to anyone 

* Become Crystal clear on your message 

* Find the kinds of audiences that will LOVE YOU (without hours of cold calling) 

* Avoid costly mistakes when negotiating with decision makers.(so it's a win-win agreement) 

* Build a sustainable conscious business that compliments your lifestyle (so you love your life) and transforms lives.

So The Masterpiece Message was born. 

Module 1- The Masterpiece  

  • Identify your unique brilliance and use it as a powerful catalyst for focusing your gifts and talents into the most profitable actions
  • Capture your spirit, personality and passion into an authentic brand you can use in all your marketing (just follow the step-by-step formula included in this module and your clients will bless you with gratitude at their new-found clarity)
  • Use your personal story and accomplishments and gifts to immediately begin growing or scaling your business
  • Understand your unique X-Factor that sets you apart from others in the same field as you so you can become the go-to expert in your field
  • Create your unique voice, the masterpiece that drives your business  

Module 2- Authentic Alignment  

  • How to Create the Desire in a potential client
  • Find where your are hiding
  • Tribe Building- how to align with your audience and pinpoint your most lucrative niche (it's often right under your nose
  • Determine if your niche is "hot or not"
  • Quickly get out of "tribe overwhelm" so you can start attracting new clients with clarity and confidence 

 Module 3- Mindset and Intuitive Intelligence  

  • Uncover specific money blocks holding you back
  • Create a new, empowering money story so they can powerfully claim their worth
  • Discover the value of your work (even if they offer ‘softer services’) so they can finally let go of undercharging and over delivering
  • Stop ‘inventing things to do’ that stand in the way of their soul of genius
  • Step into a personalized and empowering success mindset — shifting their beliefs and actions in the process — so they quickly begin creating new and exciting results
  • Learn the keys to getting into your client's mindset and help them bust through blocks  

Module 4- Global Impact  

  • The nuts and bolts of Strategy, Tactics, Marketing, Planning and Organization
  • How to have a Global Vision and create a plan that goes beyond one year
  • How to market effectively and stand out in the noise of social media and how much you should be on social media vs other marketing
  • Discover the key to create reach authentically
  • Trim the number of days worked each month, freeing your time and increasing their happiness
  • Create an authentic marketing message (you'll love the soul inspired options included that teases out the right words for you to use)  

Module 5- Consecrated Process  

  • Learn the process to turn your Masterpiece and ideas into a program, speech, events and more
  • Step by step, create packages based on results instead of "process" or time (there is a simple strategy for this you'll learn in the training )
  • Stop overloading your packages, saving you tons of time and energy
  • Re-energize your offers with packages that are client attractive, highly appealing and practically sell themselves and create elite packages that will make you money NOW
  • Confidently talk about your packages using results-based words (sample scripts included) 

Module 6 Storytelling-  

  • Confidently share your story with impact that creates a tribe
  • Create your roadmap to speaking for large or small events in an easy formula that you can use for a 15 minute talk or 3 day event
  • Understand the art of speaking and events to find clients
  • Become unforgettable and have influencers in your market wanting to work with YOU  

This 8-week Intensive for soul-filled small business owners and entrepreneurs includes: 

  • Week-by-week TRAINING with Melissa on all 6 modules
  • Easy to follow curriculum designed to get you your business scaling in 60 days, complete with videos, audios, transcripts, handouts, and more
  • Training in Intuitive Intelligence so you can easily and confidently coach anyone to a deep and meaningful breakthrough in record time.
  • Weekly live Q&A and on-the-spot coaching opportunities with Melissa during your 60-day training
  • Inspiring accountability exercises to practice what you're learning
  • Dozens of downloadable, done-for-you , step-by-step exercises, handouts, checklists, visualization scripts, templates, examples, coaching demonstrations, and more
  • ‘Keep you on track’ masterminding

But in addition to that, you'll get these killer bonuses! 

  •  Bonus done-for-you marketing materials including VIP day Outlines, coaching program outlines, discovery session scripts, and more
  •  Bonus coaching best practices toolkit complete with coaching call template and forms
  • Love Leader's Business Plan ($97) 

How much does this cost? Can I afford this?

I've had several people telling me they expected I would be charging thousands of dollars for this training, access, and community. 

Which makes sense, because a lot of our students are generating thousands of dollars just from iplementing thing in the FIRST module! Just think using this process has helped my clients double eir rates and sell thier most expensive packages ever. On average that is at least $5,000 for the clients I have worked with in the past. 

But because my goal is to get this training in as MANY hands as possible, we want to make this as cost-effective for you as possible.

The total value of the Masterpiece Message Intesive is well over $10000. 

The Bonuses alone are PRICELESS. 

We give you our entire course, community, and all the bonuses ($10, 997 value) for just $1997

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As for if you can afford it? 

That's a question you have to answer. 

Let me challenge you on this... 

Instead of thinking about how much ANY item costs, ask yourself how much does it cost in relation to how much you can earn from it. 

For example, if you take a course that costs $1,000 and as a result you can go make an additional $10,000 in income, would you pay for it? Absolutely! 

I have spent thousands learning these tools and processes and now you can have them for only $1997. 

It's not about the bottom-line cost; it's about the return on that investment. A lot of our students are already making back the cost of their investment on their first booked engagement. 


1. Do I have to complete the course in a certain time frame? 

Nope! Once you join, you’ll have lifetime access to all the training and any future updates and additions we make! You can go completely at your own pace and with what works best for your schedule. 

2.What if I don’t like the there a guarantee? 

I’m confident you’ll love the materials because they were created with you in mind. But if you don’t like the course after the first week by August 6 just send in your homework and ask for a refund and we will happily oblige!

3. How quickly can I expect results? 

If you hustle and work hard to get your materials in place you can build your business within the first 30 days! 

4. How do I access the training? 

The trainings will be release weekly starting July 31. All content is recorded and yours to keep forever! After you order, you will be automatically directed set up your username and password and will have instant access to the bonuses! 

I have one more question.... and it's not here 

email and we will get back to you ASAP! 

What People Are Saying

 The most valuable part of working with Melissa was the confidence that I can actually have a business with clients and get paid to speak by being myself and mastering my story! The ability to do things different and still be you. Working with Melissa taught me that my alpha woman wants to come to play and that my story is valuable and that I am an expert in what I have to share. My story changes lives. Melissa took me from having no clients, not being sure about my client, and feeling it wasn’t possible to have a business to, by the end of the program, having a client and more confidence in my marketable skills, abilities, and a mind shift towards what I can bring to my business! My biggest take away from Melissa’s program was that your flaws, issues, and challenges will carry over into the business you create. It showed me that it was best for me to focus on my own transformative process before stepping fully into my business in order to build a strong foundation. My results from this program were that I received my first client, created my client avatar and signature program! 

Jill F.


It is important that you pick the right coach for you. In the past, I spent $10,000 for a coach when I was beginning and the result....I spent $10,000 on a coach. That was my journey necessary for my growth and I learned to use discernment. NOT ALL COACHES ARE CREATED EQUAL. I changed, transformed, and learned more with 4 private sessions with Melissa Binkley than ever. I have become a coach that can charge those fees. I know who I can help and who would be better off coaching with someone else and I am attracting the right clients for me.  

Georgianna R. 

Melissa, you ROCK and I am so blessed to be working with you! Our sessions are like gold dust and full of so many magical gems! Session after session, it's phenomenal. Thank you for being part of my transformation and continuing development! 

Zoe S.

Melissa’s program taught me to keep going even when life gets difficult because there will always be something. If you don’t push forward, it will stop you from making progress. One of the most valuable parts to working with Melissa was working through emotional blocks and triggers, many of which I didn’t realize were there, in regards to money and success. Since this program, I have been able to put my career goals as a top priority. I use to feel like I would lose people or that something bad would happen if I followed my dreams and now I’m finding it to be quiet the opposite. Working with Melissa made these new positive beliefs possible! Now compared to when I started the program, I take a deeper level of responsibility when it comes to my own happiness. I’m not afraid to put myself out there anymore, which for me is huge, and invaluable. Thanks to this program and Melissa, I’ve sold my most expensive coaching package and my coaching prices are double what I would have thought I could have charged before! 

Kristin V.


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